Why Phlebotomy Isn’t a Good Fit For Everyone

Health care workers are amazing people, for a number of reasons. They have to endure long hours, deal with upset and fearful patients, and deal with a number of other problems and stressful situations at a moment’s notice. They are definitely awesome people who are a very important part of our lives. But the fact of the matter is that not everyone is a good fit for a health care career, especially phlebotomy. There are a number of personality traits and physical skills that people need to have in order to be good phlebotomists, and not everyone has those. For example, good manual dexterity with your hands is a must for phlebotomists. Someone who has arthritis in their hands or poor coordination would be a good fit as a phlebotomist, and that’s just one example.

One commonly known thing about health care workers is that they need to have strong stomachs, and the ability to see and interact with things that would cause some people to get sick to their stomach or even throw up. Not everyone has a strong stomach like this, and there’s nothing wrong with people who don’t, but those people probably shouldn’t be working in health care jobs. A person who is afraid of needles and gets squeamish at the sight of blood would be a terrible phlebotomist. There are a number of personality traits and skills like these that people need to have if they are serious about working in a health care field.

Another thing that may be overlooked when it comes to health care careers is the idea of compassion and caring for patients. Some people may think about getting into a health care career like phlebotomy because they simply like the science aspect of it, but that may not be the best way to think about it because patients are on the other end of the science of medicine, and if you don’t have a heart for helping people and compassion for others, you may not be able to provide the same standard of care as people who do have that. If you’re interested in learning more about phlebotomy, check out a site called Phlebotomy Training Resource and learn more about phlebotomy certification such as some of what’s involved in the process Health care careers are very patient focused, and someone working as a phlebotomist may be dealing with upset and fearful patients for a large part of their day, and if you’re someone who doesn’t have the right disposition to deal with that, then a health care career like phlebotomy may not be a good choice.