Phlebotomy Courses Online: Are They a Viable Option for People?

Anyone who’s been even reasonably aware of the state of education in the last decade knows that online learning has become a big factor in education. Students are now able to take many different types of classes online, and even earn degrees online. From business to finance to English, students who may not have had access to education in the past are now able to learn from their computers. This is generally regarded as a great opportunity for students, because it opens up their educational options. However, when it comes to health care careers and education, online learning is slightly different for a few reasons. One reason is that some states may have regulations that limit what can be taught online when it comes to health care careers. For this reason, some states may not allow a person to take any of their phlebotomy training online, and even in states that may allow it, some schools may not. The second reason that online learning is different when it comes to health care careers and education is because there are physical skills that must be learned in person, in a hands on environment, and phlebotomy is a great example of this.

Unfortunately, there’s just no way that advanced, highly skilled techniques like venipuncture and dermal puncture can be taught effectively over the internet. In order to learn these techniques, an instructor needs to be present where he or she can correct and guide students so they understand what they are doing right or wrong, and this has to be done live, and in person. The internet is a great tool for a lot of different things, but when it comes to phlebotomy and learning specific skills, it falls really short.

With that said, there may be some states and schools in those states that allow students to take some of their phlebotomy training online, but this would never be more than the lecture section of the class because the hands on skills will always need to be taught in person. Sure, there may be some people who might be disappointed by this, but by having phlebotomists take all of their hands on training in person, they end up more highly skilled and better prepared to work with patients than if they didn’t have any hands on training which could be quite the disaster. Again, the internet is great, but it just doesn’t work well for everything.